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Topic: Scholarships

Are there scholarships for psychology students?
I am on a mission to find scholarships. I have done some research, but I can't seem to find anything that is really for me. I want to major in psychology. There has to be something... more
How do I know if my scholarship essay is a winner?
I need help with my scholarship essay. If I were to get the scholarship that I am applying for, I would save my folks $1,000. The school costs $7,500. To my family it's a lot of mo... more
Can I claim a scholarship if I don't meet the requirements?
I received a scholarship at the state university for receiving one of the top scores in an accounting competition. But to use the scholarship, I still have to meet its requirements... more
Can I win scholarships if I didn't do extracurricular activities?
After searching for scholarships, I realized that I don't have any outstanding achievements. I am an ordinary kid in school who didn't really get involved with school activities. W... more
How far back in history can I go when applying for scholarships?
I thought that I put together a great resume in high school, but I didn't get as much financial help I would have liked. Can I still refer to my past experiences in high school whe... more
Can you apply for scholarships before your senior year in high school?
Can you apply for scholarships before your senior year in high school? I want to get a head start on getting money for college. Signed, Early Money Seeker Dear Early Money Seeker... more
With so many applicants, how can I compete for scholarships?
About scholarships, I've found many that I can apply to, but it seems like my chances of actually winning them are very slim because I'm competing with millions around the world an... more
How can I win scholarships with my PSAT score?
I am a junior at a private school. Are there scholarships that are automatically awarded to juniors with the highest scores on the PSAT? I need money for college, but I don’t know ... more
How or where do I apply for scholarships?
I need help! I want to go to college, but I know it’s going to be hard to go because of my financial situation. I have no idea how or where to apply for scholarships. What do I do?... more
Should I write about alcoholism in my scholarship essay?
Is it wise to write a scholarship essay on beating alcoholism when the topic has to do with overcoming obstacles? It happens to be the hardest battle I've ever fought. I’m just afr... more

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