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Topic: Scholarships

Is it too late to apply for scholarships?
I'm a senior in high school, and I feel like I've missed all of my opportunities. Is it too late to get any scholarships if I start the process now? Signed, Late Bloomer Dear Lat... more
Are there scholarships for two-year college students?
I’ve been looking for scholarships, and a lot are for students going to a four-year college. I’m going to a two-year college. Are there any scholarships for me? Signed, Seeking D... more
Are there performing arts scholarships?
I've been searching every Web site possible and can't find any arts scholarships. I am interested in theatre, music and dance. There seem to be a lot of awards for athletics and te... more
Are there scholarships for left handed students?
I heard of a scholarship called the Lefty Award. Can you tell me if there is such an award and how I can get more information on it? Signed, Southpaw Dear Southpaw: For all o... more
Are there scholarships for teachers?
I am a high school English teacher who wants to go back to school to pursue a Master's degree in either English or Educational Administration, but I am determined never to pay tuit... more
How do I find scholarships as an adult student?
I'm planning to attend a two-year school for a degree in fashion. The program is about $17,000 per year. I have not attended college in the past 10 years. I've heard of scholarship... more
What scholarships are there for studying abroad?
I am planning on studying abroad in Italy. Are there scholarships to help? The study abroad program does not offer any money and neither does my institution. I don't want to miss o... more
What should I assume the scholarship judges know?
I'm writing a scholarship essay about J.D. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye." In my introduction and conclusion, I adopt Holden Caulfield's way of speaking, including short sente... more
Are there scholarships for law school?
I'm a 29-year-old who is interested in going to law school. How can I get scholarships when so many are geared toward high school seniors? Signed, Future Law Student Dear Future ... more
Are there scholarships for junior high students?
My 13-year-old daughter is interested in law. We met with her guidance counselor and he said we should start looking for scholarships now, especially since she would like to go to ... more

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