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Topic: Financial Aid

Financial Aid
Is there financial aid for nursing students?
We are grandparents of a child going to a junior college in Oregon who will transfer to an Oregon university next year. She is studying nursing. In high school, she was an excellen... more
If I live on campus can I be independent from my parents for financial aid?
I'm a full-time college student. Is it true that I'm not able to get financial aid because my parents claim me on their tax returns? What if I were to move out of my parents’ home ... more
How else can I pay for college besides financial aid?
I am a senior in high school and have found what I think is the perfect school. I have visited this college three times and I really feel like I belong there. It is in another stat... more
Why don't colleges look at more than income for financial aid?
The state says that my parents make enough money to support my college education, but just because they meet the requirements doesn't mean that we have it made. We struggle from pa... more
What kind of financial aid can I get from the Coast Guard?
I am thinking of joining the Coast Guard. Could you help me find some information on my college options if I join? I heard that I would have to attend a military academy to receive... more
Besides scholarships, how can I pay for college?
Is there any way that I can get financial aid? My parents make too much money. I know that you are going to say apply for some scholarships, but it is much easier said than done. I... more
Why did I only receive $2,000 in financial aid when my family's income is $28,000?
How do I get federal grants and scholarships? I filled out the FAFSA and sent all of my information to my school (Howard University), but I only got $2,000. I am not trying to soun... more
When are you in-state or out of state?
I am from Texas and plan to attend a public college in another state. Public schools always increase tuition for out of state students. By out of state do they mean out of the Unit... more
What should I do about a tuition repayment catch 22?
My daughter went to a college in Rhode Island and in her second year had to stop because she was unable to handle everything emotionally. She received a medical excuse from the sch... more
How do I find a better loan?
I am a student at the Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology. I just got my financial aid package, which includes one loan for my parents and another unsubsidized loan. My mo... more

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