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Do I need proof of my extracurricular activities?
Do I need proof that shows that I have been in extracurricular activities other than a letter from the director's office at my high school? I don't study in the U.S. although I am ... more
Will playing the piano help me get into Harvard or Yale?
I have been playing for the last six years and have passed a high level test for performance and music theory. My piano teacher and I are unsure if I should send an audio sample of... more
All I want to do is get into Harvard. How do I do it?
This is the beginning of my junior year, and I would like to know what it takes to get into Harvard. I had a 3.1 GPA my freshman year and last year a 3.7. I study for the ACT, PSAT... more
What can I do about low grades in the past?
During my freshman year I slacked off quite a bit and my GPA dipped to a 3.0. After noticing the horrible mistake I made, I've been desperately trying to get my GPA back up. Now it... more
What is most important: grades or extracurricular activities?
What are colleges looking for? Do they want students with many extracurricular sports and activities or are they only interested in their GPA? Signed, Seeking Secret Formula De... more
How do I make up for bad grades?
I am a high school senior who is more lost than ever. I want to go to a UC school, but I have a 3.1 grade point average (GPA). I feel like I should give up. I know I have UC potent... more
I got nothing higher than a D. Can I return to college?
After I graduated from high school, I joined the Navy for three years. When I got out two years ago, I attended college in my hometown for one year hoping to transfer to Ohio State... more
How can I increase my grades?
How can I increase my grades? At the beginning of each school year, I’m very eager to study and do my homework on time, but as time goes on, this feeling slowly fades away. I don't... more
What are the secrets to getting into Harvard?
I was wondering what the requirements are to get accepted into Harvard University. You have to get a good GPA, am I correct? Also, you have to be really intelligent and have a desi... more
My grades have dropped. Will this ruin my chances?
I am at the end of my junior year, and my GPA just dropped to below a 3.0 due to the difficult classes that I have taken. I would like to get into Purdue University, but with this ... more

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