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Will I be hurt because I'm not into music or sports?
I'm a junior in a private high school, and recently I have paid close attention to what type of students go to which schools. The trend is that academically excellent students go t... more
How do you prove extracurricular activities?
How do you prove to colleges which extracurricular activities you have done? Signed, Involved Dear Involved: The extracurricular activities you list on your college applicati... more
Is it okay to only do community service in the summer?
I am a senior who has volunteered as an art teacher for about 200 hours each summer for the past five years but who doesn't volunteer during the school year. Is this less acceptabl... more
What can I do if I slacked freshman year?
Sadly I slacked during most of my freshman year. I had to attend night school just to get enough credits. Before the year ended I was able to somewhat pull up my grades to pass all... more
Why should I use the Common Application?
I've heard about the convenience of using the Common Application. I can print the form as many times as I want and send the copies to the colleges that accept it. However, I still... more
Am I doing enough to be admitted?
I'm a high school junior taking three AP classes. Is that enough compared to Ivy League applicants if I plan on taking five more in my senior year? I really want to get into Ivy Le... more
How do I get into Harvard, Stanford or MIT?
I recently came to the United States and want to get into some really big colleges such as Harvard, Stanford, MIT or Caltech. I am taking two AP classes and three Honors classes ne... more
Will colleges ask for reference material from jobs and volunteer work?
When I apply to colleges, will they check references from jobs and activities I have taken part in? Signed, Active Girl Dear Active Girl: It is not typical for colleges to ch... more
How can I increase my chances of getting into Harvard or Yale?
I'm a high school junior who is concerned about my chances of getting into Harvard or Yale. This year, I am the in-depth editor of the school newspaper and will most likely be the ... more
Which grades are used to calculate my GPA?
I was wondering if colleges calculate my GPA with only my most recent grades or with all of the grades I’ve received in high school. What grades count toward my GPA? Signed, Grade ... more

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