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Topic: Admissions

How can I get into Harvard?
Since you both attended Harvard, I feel that you two would be the best people to ask about the school. I'm sure you hear this a lot, but please understand that I really want to go ... more
What should I do if I am not involved in extracurricular activities?
I just moved to a new state a few months ago and I’m having trouble getting into extracurricular activities. At my old school, we didn’t have extracurricular activities so I wasn’t... more
What if my parents are too involved in my decisions about college?
I'm 16-years old and a high school junior. My question is actually in regards to my best friend. You see, my mother and I have gone through all the counselor meetings and have even... more
Will two "C's" in math hurt my chances?
I'm a high school junior so you know that means I'm under tons of stress. My problem is that my GPA may be a 4.0, but my grades do not reflect this. My school gives weighted GPAs a... more
Will I still be admitted with poor second semester senior grades?
I'm a senior in high school. I'm applying to a lot of competitive universities and have worked really hard throughout my freshman, sophomore and junior years. Cornell sent me a let... more
Will it help if I take as many AP classes as I can?
I am a sophomore in high school with a 4.5 GPA. I plan to take eight math classes by the end of high school, and in my junior year I plan to take two AP and one honors science clas... more
What is a hopeful or exciting trend in college admission?
We hear a lot about what's wrong with the admission process like that the SAT is culturally biased or that colleges are turning away thousands of qualified students, but what is a ... more
Which extracurricular activity will put me over the top?
I'm a junior with a 4.3 GPA who is involved in a decent number of extracurriculars. I'm president of the Pre-Med Club and secretary of the French Club, but I need something that wi... more
Can you share a college admission secret?
It seems like you know a lot about what colleges really want and how college admission really works. What is a secret to college admission that may not be widely known? Signed, Ext... more
Will I be disadvantaged by my high school?
I am worried about getting into a good college. Our private school does not offer as many opportunities for students. We have limits on the number of AP classes we can take until s... more

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