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How can I learn about careers in technology?
I am thinking about what I want to do in the future and doing some research on careers in the technology field. Can you help me find a general list of career descriptions or some websites that could h... 
How do I become an international translator?
I want to be an international translator, but I don't know of any colleges that specialize in this field. Can you help? Signed, Passport Ready

Dear Passport Ready: With the globalization... 
How much do people earn depending on their major?
I am thinking about college majors. Do you know where I can get information on job descriptions and earnings by college major? Signed, Major Decision

Dear Major Decision: If earning pote... 
Should I work in accounting or office administration?
I am confused about what career to enter. Do you think accounting or office administration is better? Signed, Big Business

Dear Big Business: The best career for you depends on you. You ... 
How important is career planning in selecting a college or grad school?
I am trying to decide which college to go to but I don't know how I should factor in my career goals when deciding. To what extent should I incorporate career planning into my decision about which col... 
How do I get over major decide-phobia?
I am experiencing decide-phobia. I can't choose a major. Should I choose according to the subjects I like or is it better to choose according to my career goals? How do I know that I have what it take... 
What should I do to work in hotel management or tourism?
I'm interested in hotel management and tourism studies. Other than the few specialized colleges for hotel administration, what degrees or majors can I pursue? Signed, Future Manager

Dear Fut... 
How can I decide on which career path to take?
Until recently, I have always wanted to be a horse trainer or riding instructor, but I began to have doubts about whether I will make enough money starting up my own business. I've been directed to ot... 
What should I do if I want to become a lawyer?
I'm a high school sophomore who is interested in becoming a lawyer. I was wondering if there are special courses I should take in high school that might help. Also, I don't really know all the differe... 
How do I become a personal fitness trainer?
I want to become a personal fitness trainer. Which college or degree should I pursue? Signed, Fit For Fitness

Dear Fit For Fitness: To become a fitness trainer, you will want to earn a d... 

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