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Gen & Kelly Tanabe on Student Life

How can I choose a major without changing my mind?
I'm so confused about choosing my major in college. Some days I feel like I should major in one area, and other days I feel like I should major in a different one. Is there anything that can help me c... 
What if my alarm clock wakes up my roommate but not me?
My alarm clock always wakes my roommate up before me. Unfortunately, he is a light sleeper and I am a heavy sleeper. He is starting to get really mad. Do you have any suggestions? Signed, Sleepless
What is the biggest reality check in college?
I just started college and I'm just not sure what to expect. What is the biggest reality check students face once they are in college? What surprises them most? Signed, Getting Started

Dear ... 
Should I live on or off campus?
I am trying to decide whether to live on campus or off campus. If I live off campus I'd like to live by myself. Is one or the other better for studying? Also I play sports so I don't know how that wil... 
What can I do if I lose my motivation?
Often by the second semester, I completely lose enthusiasm to do homework and everything associated with school. I just get so sick of it. Even the classes and activities I like the most, I end up dre... 
I'm undecided and undeclared. How do I choose what to major in?
I’m going to be a college freshman, and I have to choose a major. It’s really stressing me out. As a 17-year-old, I feel like I have no idea what I want to be when I graduate so I have no clue as to w... 

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