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Gen & Kelly Tanabe on Choosing a College

Where should I go if I have political aspirations?
My love is American history, especially from Woodrow Wilson to Harry S. Truman. Every time I read historical writing it all makes sense to me and I feel as though it is my gift. What I would like to d... 
How do I start researching colleges?
I am a junior in high school this year. I know that I have a bit of time before I decide on what college to attend, but I have started researching and am confused. What are some tips to help with rese... 
What schools are good for zoology?
I am interested in majoring in zoology, but I don't think I really want to be a veterinarian. Also, I am having problems finding out which zoology programs are the best. Do you know? Signed, Animal Qu... 
Where do I start with choosing a college?
There are so many colleges to choose from. How do I find the one for me? I don't even know which state I want to go to; therefore, I can't even begin my search. Help! Signed, Overwhelmed

Do I need a Bachelor's degree to get a Master's or Ph.D?
I have some questions about the different kinds of degrees I can earn. Do I need to get my Bachelor's degree? Or, can I just go straight to getting a Master's degree? Signed, Fast Track

When should I start looking for a college?
I am a high school freshman. When should I start looking for a college? Signed, Planning Ahead

Dear Planning Ahead: Since you practically just arrived at high school, you may think that ... 
What are the most important factors in choosing a college?
I'm stuck trying to decide where I should go. What are the most important factors in choosing a college? Signed, College Choices

Dear College Choices: One of the best ways to select a co... 
How do I get college applications and scholarship information?
This is a basic question, but how do I get applications from colleges, and how do I apply for the scholarships that they offer? Signed, Back to Basics

Dear Back to Basics: To get applica... 
What are the top black colleges in America?
What are the top black colleges in America? Signed, Researching Colleges

Dear Researching Colleges: As you are considering which college to attend, remember that it's important to ask yo... 
I'm scared to go to school far away from home. Can you help?
I live in Texas and have not really traveled outside of the state. I am weighing which colleges I should apply to. I have read the viewbooks from some schools in the East and think these schools are a... 

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