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Topic: Choosing a College

Choosing a College
Do I really have a chance if I'm a B student?
I'm a B student and I wonder if there's any hope for me. I know that the really selective colleges are not in my future, but can I still get a good education? Signed, Hoping Dear... more
Should I take off time before grad school?
I'm thinking of taking time off before grad school. Is that a good idea? Signed, Don't Want to Be Left Behind Dear Don't Want to Be Left Behind: Taking time off before gradua... more
Is it better to go to a public or private college?
What are the pluses and minuses of a public college vs. a private college? Signed, Figuring It Out Dear Figuring It Out: Though “public” doesn’t always mean “big” and private... more
Do you have any advice for choosing an art program abroad?
Do you have any advice for choosing an art program abroad? Signed, Desire to Travel Dear Desire to Travel: Even if your college or university offers an art program abroad for... more
Where should I go if I have political aspirations?
My love is American history, especially from Woodrow Wilson to Harry S. Truman. Every time I read historical writing it all makes sense to me and I feel as though it is my gift. Wh... more
How do I start researching colleges?
I am a junior in high school this year. I know that I have a bit of time before I decide on what college to attend, but I have started researching and am confused. What are some ti... more
What schools are good for zoology?
I am interested in majoring in zoology, but I don't think I really want to be a veterinarian. Also, I am having problems finding out which zoology programs are the best. Do you kno... more
Where do I start with choosing a college?
There are so many colleges to choose from. How do I find the one for me? I don't even know which state I want to go to; therefore, I can't even begin my search. Help! Signed, Overw... more
Do I need a Bachelor's degree to get a Master's or Ph.D?
I have some questions about the different kinds of degrees I can earn. Do I need to get my Bachelor's degree? Or, can I just go straight to getting a Master's degree? Signed, Fast ... more
When should I start looking for a college?
I am a high school freshman. When should I start looking for a college? Signed, Planning Ahead Dear Planning Ahead: Since you practically just arrived at high school, you may... more

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